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Jai Shree Shyam,

On the festival occasion of falgun month shree shyam baba’s holy place helds the amazing fair.

Every where shree shyam baba’s devotional songs are played with love and happiness. Every corner of Khatudham is coloured with shree shyam’s beautiful colors.

On this special occasion we are presenting our fourth edition with love, happiness and religious ideas. I am very glad to get awesome response of my last edition.It makes me confident and more efficient. Your E-mails,phone calls and mobile messages are my real property.

My father Mr.Geegraj Nitharwal is a teacher from his profession,So he always inspired me for devotional activities, specially for Shree Shyam Baba.In this way my honorable mother also inspired me. Resultant of this is KHATUSHYAM PATRIKA is always getting better response and perfection.

I am very grateful to Mr.Gokul Nitharwal,Mr.Kumbharam Bajiya,Mr.Purushottam Sharma,Guruji Devendra Sharma, my friend Bhanvar Nitharwal,Ramkaran Nitharwal,Mahendra Choudhary,Dharmendra Punia,Omprakash Punia,who made best efforts for the Patrika and made me more confident.

Please feel free to forward the remarks of this edition.

Thank You.

Ramratan Nitharwal(Khatuwale)


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